Well begun is half done. That is why FCM always starts by drawing up an extensive inventarisation. We identify your (financial) situation and your wishes for the future. Based on this we analyze your (capital) structure. This gives you an understanding into what your required income and your asset situation is. And into the possible risks: the chance of unwanted results due to a faulty asset structure.

FCM coordinates and monitors your asset managers

Of course we report our findings to you. We discuss your wishes and think alongside you about the best choices. In this way we jointly achieve guidelines for managing your assets in the broadest sense of the word. We then monitor that the parties involved comply with these guidelines. If necessary we take the required action for correcting any failure or misunderstandings. You have nothing to worry about.

FCM selects the best service providers

Do you want to spread your assets or services related to this over several financial service providers? If you wish, we can help you to select those. We have an extensive questionnaire and a large international network.

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