Family statute, administration and executorship

Family statute, administration and executorship


As family office, we know all the pitfalls concerning family assets. Family members sometimes have extremely divergent wishes and interests. In such situations you can also rely on FCM. We help to plan a solution for all pleasant and unpleasant contingencies. And we can relieve you of difficult duties in this context.


FCM for your family statute


How do you create a good and transparent relationship between the family business and the rights of the family? FCM can help you achieve this. Together with all parties involved we can draw up a family protocol, with the long-term wishes and goals. We can weld this into a coherent unity around your family. The family protocol is a ‘living document’. It evolves with the developments.


Receivership by FCM


Life often takes a different course than one expects or hopes. If this happens, an adequate receivership can protect heirs or parties receiving a donation, against themselves or others. FCM can conduct all forms of receivership on behalf of the family, except in cases of bankruptcy or debt rescheduling.


FCM as executor of your last will


An inherentance is often a problem for those who left behind. The execution of a last will requires a great deal of expert knowledge, as well as an understanding of the family structure. FCM can act as executor. We can thus support all heirs from an independent position. This guarantees an easy, meticulous settlement and division of the estate. We can also, if you wish, take care of the entire administrative settlement. 


Family Office Academy

What is this?

Initiate and support of the financial education of family members. Subjects comprise among other topics knowledge of financial markets and the necessary processes to sustain family wealth.

This leads to:

  • Involvement of succeeding generations in the family capital
  • Knowledge is power. The family gains insight and therefore a greater hold on family wealth
  • Your family member will become more active, better informed and aware dialogue partners to advisors
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