Larger private capital is usually spread out among several assets and various institutions. Usually, once a year an overview is made of the entire capital (for tax purposes).

FCM ensures a permanent overview and understanding

However, it is much better for you if you are kept updated about the state of your affairs on a more regular basis. It is also more convenient for you if your overall summary is divided into categories. For example: direct or indirect movable assets, your interest in your own company, the distribution over listed securities. This means that certain developments can be identified at an early stage. And if necessary adjusted by altering the asset structure.

FCM offers one comprehensive report

FCM arranges all of the above for you. An additional advantage is that one comprehensive report gives a much better insight then partial reports from various parties (with varying reporting methods). We provide you with an unambiguous report with a uniform performance calculation, including costs and expenditures. That offers more transparency – and saves time and costs. FCM offers a better general overview, more grip on your assets and much more convenience.  

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