Board of Management & Supervisory Board

Board of Directors & Supervisory Board

FCM can discharge several management roles on your behalf: as board member of a foundation, as member of the Board of the Management of a Charity Foundation and as member of the Supervisory Board. Our extensive experience has given us a clear understanding of affairs and has given us an excellent reputation. Of course we shall coordinate all duties and responsibilities in close consultation with you.


Well-to-do families often incorporate foundations, either during their lifetime or by last will. These are usually public benefit foundations, to support a social and/or community goal. FCM can act as board members in this foundation/these foundations on your behalf.

Trust Office Foundation (STAK)

If the actual shareholder of a Trust Office Foundation is deceased, FCM can act as member of the Board of Management of the Trust Office Foundation. In this manner FCM can represent your family interests.

Supervisory Board

Do you have an interest in a company? It can be desirable to have your family interests represented in a Supervisory Board. FCM can take on this duty on your behalf.

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